Sonate for Violin and Piano K 379

by W. A. Mozart (1756–1791)

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Instrument(s): Violin and Piano Style: Classical
  Arranger(s): n/a
Opus: KV 379 Date of composition: 1781
Source: Schirmer, 1906, ed. H. Schradieck Copyright: Public Domain    CC: No rights reserved
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This edition is a reproduction of an old XIX-century edition. The reproduction is as faithful as possible: however, I chose to remove pedal markings because of reasons stated below.

I compared this old edition with the Neue Mozart Ausgabe (NMA), which is considered to be the "reference" edition and closely follows the autograph. The present edition shows significant discrepances from the NMA in slurs, dynamics and articulations in general. For instance, while Mozart used distinctly dots and strokes above noteheads to indicate staccato and spiccato, in the present edition all Mozart's strokes are changed into dots (e.g. Violin, bar 67 in the Allegro have strokes above the last three G, and the same for the following similar bars). The unknown editor chose to extensively use pedal markings, which I chose not to reproduce in this edition, considering that Mozart never notated them explicitly in his autographs and therefore we cannot know exactly how he used the pedal (however, we do know that he enjoyed a lot using it!).

An interesting article about the composition of this beautiful violin sonata was written by Dennis Pajot and published on the MozartForum ( You can read it at the following address:

July 2005
Maurizio Tomasi

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