Ah Vous Dirai-Je Maman

by W. A. Mozart (1756–1791)

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Instrument(s): 2 Guitars Style: Romantic
  Arranger(s): Ed.: J. J. Olson
Opus: Not known Date of composition: 1785
Source: Paris: Porro, n.d. Plate 79. Copyright: Public Domain    CC: No rights reserved
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Typeset using: LilyPond, version 2.18.2  
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The term “scherzo”, originally from the Italian word for “jest” or “joke”, has come to mean any brief, light-hearted piece of music. The thirteen scherzi in this edition, though not so-named by Mozart, fit both senses of the word, in part because their performance order has been altered here to delay recognition of their theme, now instantly recognized as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, in the hope for greater appreciation of the variations before their association with children's music is realized.

This lengthy edition contains the complete set of Mozart's twelve variations and his rendition of the theme, all arranged for two guitars, together with detailed annotations containing performance tips, modifications made for guitar and a variety of program suggestions.

Alternatively, for the briefest one-page variation that is the most fun to play as a duet, see Variation V (Accelerando) available separately on Mutopia.

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