Mozart's Twelve Duets for Horn (KV 487)

This is a PD edition for the mutopia project ( of KV 487, following the edition prepared by Otto Stösser in 1961. (This edition was graphically reproduced by Masters Music Editions, Florida).

Editorial Remarks

There are some oddities, which I corrected to my best knowledge.

Performance Remarks

Horn-Guru Hans Pizka <Hans.Pizka AT> remarks:

According to Viennese tradition, the Mozart Duets should be played in the following transpositions (or on the respective natural horns): 1 = C, 2 = F, 3 0 C, e = Eflat, 5 = Efl, 6 = C, 7 = C, 8 = Efl, 9 = C, 10 = C, 11 = Efl, 12 = Efl.
(numbering according to Mozart Gesamtausgabe Serie XXIV, Nr.58 suppl.)

The transposition is not because of the high notes, but because of the music. They sound just best in these transpositions or played on the respective natural horns.


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